Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grocery Store Musical HQ 2009

Inspiration of the day - I love this sort of thing. Actively try to make someones day today! Let me know how it goes!

Portage Dave

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Does God Exist ? Albert Einstein

I love this exchange. I googled this and it would seem that there is little or no evidence of Einstein having this exchange but it is a good argument none the less. I hope this week that you each stand up for God in your world. I don't mean be obnoxious but be bold in standing for what you believe. Do not be afraid of being a Christian - hopefully your life has exhibited a great deal of grace and love so that your belief can be warmly received. (If not embraced.)

Have a great week and be a light on a hill. (And go twins!)
Portage Dave

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hero Dog Tries to Help Mortally Wounded Dog - Chile

A lesson?

Hero Dog Tries to Help Mortally Wounded Dog - Chile

A lesson?

I had a chance to see this video yesterday. It is making the rounds so I suppose many of you have seen it as well. My take on it follows:

As this dog tried to cross a busy highway he is hit and wounded by a passing car. He lies there for quite a while and another stray dog see him and risks his life to gently drag the wounded dog off of the road. Apparently the dogs were not a team and the rescuer simply risked everything to help another dog in need. The video is quite moving.

As I see this I wonder how many of us see these hurt people in our lives or in our jobs and get involved? How many times have we "thrown people" onto the road where they are injured or lost. (People who we judge as being wrong or involved in the wrong kind of behavior.)

I think that this week we all need to become like the rescueing dog - alert for ways to genlty and humble serve, help, and protect those who are hurting around us.

  • At school - those marginalized or left out (or are irritating?)
  • At home - really listen to our family members - hear their stories.
  • At work - seek out collgues who need a touch of a friend (even when you do not have the time to get involved)

Put your self out there and let Christ in you save another. Let me know what happens so we all can be encourages. Remember, you have all been prayed for today.

Portage Dave

(Sorry the dog does die - too real world for sure!)